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June 19, 2018

7 Tips from Your Dentist in Allentown to Stop Snoring

man snoringDo you often find yourself waking with a sore or dry throat? Is your spouse constantly poking you in the side at night because you will not stop snoring? You are not alone. While it is normal to snore from time to time, 40% of men and 24% of women are habitual snorers. Although it is often nothing more than a nuisance, it can be a sign of an underlying problem, like sinus issues or sleep apnea. No matter the cause, your dentist in Allentown can help you sleep soundly. There are 7 easy solutions to help stop your snoring.

May 17, 2018

Stop Drooling with Your Dentist in Allentown

man sleepingDo you often wake with a drool-soaked pillow in the morning? Although it is common in babies, when it progresses into adulthood, it can leave you feeling a little concerned about the cause. While you may be a bit worried, it is not uncommon to be embarrassed about discussing the issue with your dentist in Allentown. You have nothing to fear. Your dentist can help to detect the cause to manage the problem. In fact, the solution may be simpler than you had expected.

April 26, 2018

See Your Dentist in Allentown for Oral Cancer Screenings

man in dentist chair giving thumbs upApril is Oral Cancer Awareness Month so there could not possibly be a better time to have a screening. But where can you get an oral cancer screening? Right here at your dentist in Allentown! There really is no one better to check for the early warning signs of oral cancer than the dentists and hygienists who routinely examine your mouth. In fact, a dentist is often the first health care provider to notice the red flag for many general health concerns. Let’s take a look at some of those signs and the steps to a screening.


March 23, 2018

Help Your Dentures in Allentown Last for Years!

dentures senior man Missing teeth was one of the most difficult challenges you’ve had to face. Thankfully, due to your local dentist’s help, you were able to replace your lost teeth with dentures in Allentown. The best thing that you can do now is to care for them appropriately!

Maintaining your dentures the right way can help your dental prosthetics to last a lifetime! Learn more about how to properly care for your new teeth in this week’s blog post.


February 1, 2018

Your Dentist in Allentown Provides Ways to Keep Your Gums Healthy

person smiling healthy gums exposedIt’s quite common for a discussion of oral hygiene and health to place the teeth as the center of importance. But although the ivories are very significant, what gets lost is the fact that they are completely dependent on the health of the gums. And if we were to humanize the two, the teeth would be the offspring and the gums the mother. And just like the latter nurtures the young child, the same relationship exists between your gums and your teeth. So as you continue reading, your dentist in Allentown will provide ways to care for your gums at home so that you can maintain optimal oral health.


January 2, 2018

Amazing Breakthroughs from Your Cosmetic Dentist in Allentown

lab worker constructing prosthetic teethWhen cosmetic dentistry is mentioned, the first thought that comes to mind is usually aesthetic appeal, but things have changed. New advances have broadened the scope of this field, providing more functional benefits. Your cosmetic dentist in Allentown welcomes you to this new reality, where you can actually get better service from your teeth and a visually appealing smile all wrapped in one. Read on to learn more about these amazing new breakthroughs.


December 20, 2017

Your Dentist in Allentown Welcomes a New Year and Healthy You

A smiling woman. Your Dentist in It’s finally here! The new year provides us an opportunity to look back on the good times of yesteryear. To sit down with family and friends and reminiscence is a moment always worth cherishing. So, what comes after this celebration? Doing it again, but even better than before.

That’s why your dentist in Allentown has provided a list of preventive ways to easily improve your overall oral healthcare in the new year. There is no better time than the first of the year to start recording your progress.


November 18, 2017

Your Hillsboro Pediatric Dentist Reveals the Best Time for Your Child to Lose a Tooth

boy smiling with missing teethThere are several milestones that you as a parent will remember in your child’s life. One of those is the first time when a pink ridge in his gums gives clue that a tooth is soon to be pushing through the surface. And another milestone you’ll remember is when your toddler loses the first tooth. You’ve probably either read or heard about what age range this event should take place within, but your Hillsboro pediatric dentist, Dr. Michael Royse, has insight into how you should approach this time of your child’s life.


October 29, 2017

Your Dentist Can Help to Protect Your Overall Health

health on chalkboardWhen you think about your overall health and that of your teeth and gums, you likely believe that the two are separate from one another; however, they are directly connected. The health of your mouth can influence the onset of general health issues, like cardiovascular disease. As a result, to promote your well-being, you must focus on your dental health with at-home care and regular visits to your dentist.

September 2, 2017

Your Dentist Shares Secrets About Sparkling Water Here!

woman drinking water smilingWith the holidays approaching, many people will try to cut their calories in preparation for the tasty meals that are around the corner. That means drinking more water and less soda.

Some may have thought they found a loophole when it came to water consumption and soda fasting—sparkling water. Unfortunately, sparkling water is bad for your health as well—especially your oral health. Your dentist is here to explain how bubbly drinks are actually harming your teeth.


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