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March 17, 2022

Can You Get Dental Implants If You’re Diabetic?

person with diabetes wondering if they can get dental implants

If you’re one of the 178 million Americans who have lost at least one tooth, you may be considering dental implant surgery. Since they are the only option that replaces both the cap of the tooth and the roots, dental implants are favored by many patients and dentists alike. For people who have diabetes, tooth loss is an even more common concern. But, since this condition comes with a range of symptoms, is it safe for diabetics to undergo the dental implant procedure? Read on to learn more about the relationship between dental implants and diabetes as well as whether it’s safe to get them.


February 16, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Kissing with Dentures

older person with dentures kissing partner on face while cooking

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Do you have plans for how to spend this day of love? If you and your long-time partner are planning to spend time together or you’ll be taking out a new Valentine’s Day date, you may have smooching on the brain. Though this may not usually be much of a hurdle, is kissing with dentures any different? Read on to learn if it’s possible to kiss your partner while wearing these restorations.


December 23, 2021

Trending on TikTok: Is the Veneers Check Challenge Safe?

Woman’s teeth after getting veneersA beautiful smile is invaluable if you’re a social media influencer. Dazzling teeth are just as important as the latest tech gadgets, trending clothes, and must-have accessories to feel confident online; however, most people don’t have naturally perfect smiles. Did you know not all your favorite social icons had the radiant smiles you see today? Many turned to cosmetic dentistry and are sharing their journeys on social media by joining TikTok’s “Veneers Check” challenge. It inspires others by featuring the before and after results of getting veneers. Although veneers are safe, some followers are making a simple mistake that’s ruining their teeth. Don’t place your smile at risk of dangerous dental trends. Here’s what you need to know to achieve a smile people will remember safely.


November 4, 2021

What Thanksgiving Sides Pose Trouble for My Oral Health?

sweet potato casserole with marshmallows and stuffing

The anticipation of a Thanksgiving feast where just about everyone in your family contributed at least one dish is a special occasion indeed. You think you just might try everything.

When you are considering those sweet-smelling side dishes, proceed with caution. Depending on how you handle it, they could be problematic for your oral health. Keep reading to learn about some of the items you should watch out for.


September 8, 2021

Facts and Myths That Prove Root Canals Aren’t All That Bad

smiling male patient at the dentist after root canal

For many patients, root canal therapy is one of the scariest dental procedures they could get. Thankfully, almost all the bad rumors you may have heard are just myths. With a 97% success rate, root canal treatments are highly effective and have saved countless teeth. While many people say they’d rather swim with sharks than get root canal treatment, learning some facts about the procedure will help you see that it isn’t as scary as you thought!


August 25, 2021

4 Reasons a Root Canal is Good News

Smiling woman in dental chair holding mirrorRoot canal therapy has over a 95% success rate at restoring a severely damaged or infected tooth from extraction. It’s normal to think twice before agreeing to the procedure because it has a bad reputation for being painful, but don’t let common misconceptions stop you from saving your tooth. Contrary to what you might have heard, a root canal is actually good news because it means your tooth is salvageable. Here are 4 reasons you’ll be glad you chose to save your tooth.


July 22, 2021

Do Adults Need to Have Fluoride Treatments?

Man smiling after fluoride treatment

Fluoride is super important for children’s smiles to remain health, but did you know that it is also beneficial to adults? Fluoride is the active ingredient in dental products, such as toothpaste and mouthwash. Kids receive fluoride treatments during their regular dental checkups, but should you consider having them done as an adult as well? Read on to learn more about fluoride treatments and how the mineral benefits your smile.


June 7, 2021

Can Popcorn Actually Be Harmful to Your Oral Health?

Dentist explaining connection between popcorn and oral health to patient

When it comes to finding healthy snacks, the options are quite extensive. Of course, there’s nothing quite like a bowl of popcorn, especially when it’s free of excessive amounts of butter, salt, or sugar. Unfortunately, while popcorn is generally a safe option for your overall health, it can pose many risks for your oral health that you may not have previously considered. To learn more about the connection between popcorn and oral health, how it puts your smile at risk, and other healthier alternatives to keep in mind, keep reading!


May 23, 2021

4 Tips to Choose the Best Denture Adhesive

Replacement teeth needing denture adhesiveDentures are a tried-and-proven solution to treat complete tooth loss. Several advancements in dentistry allow them to look and feel more realistic than ever before. They have a comfortable fit, so you can chew, speak, and smile confidently; however, it’s normal to worry about your dentures falling out. Choosing the right denture adhesive is crucial to giving you peace of mind, but which is right for you? Not all denture adhesives are the same. Here are 4 tips to find the ideal product for your needs.


March 19, 2021

Is Your Denture in Need of Replacement?

Person holding dentures in Allentown

Dentures are one of the most affordable options in dentistry to date to address severe tooth loss. Whether you’re missing teeth in one arch or both, they offer a reasonable solution that makes chewing food and speaking considerably easier compared to living with missing teeth. However, they are not designed to last forever, which means they will require replacement eventually. To determine when you should absolutely replace your dentures in Allentown, take a look at the following signs from a dentist who provides dentures every day!

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