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Smile Makeovers from Your Allentown Cosmetic Dentist

A smile from the dentist Allentown trusts is an invaluable commodity. Research shows that people who smile more are measurably happier, have more friends and even enjoy greater success than people who smile less. That’s why Dr. Young at Bradford Young Family & Cosmetic Dentistry works closely with patients to help them have the most attractive smiles possible.

How? We offer several cosmetic dentistry procedures, and for those who have a number of smile imperfections these can be combined into a treatment plan called a smile makeover. Your Allentown dentist will consult with you and show you how your smile can go from making you self-conscious to making you self-confident thanks to a smile makeover.

Your smile may be less than perfect because of teeth that are crooked, chipped and cracked, discolored, misshaped or irregularly spaced. All of these can be corrected with a smile makeover that we design to complement your mouth and your unique facial features. Unlike full-mouth reconstruction that includes treatments to correct specific oral health problems (missing teeth, malocclusion, etc.), a smile makeover is intended only to correct cosmetic flaws. Thus the goal, ultimately, is to create a smile that is aesthetically pleasing.

Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options

At Bradford Young Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Allentown, we offer three different cosmetic treatments that can be combined into your smile makeover. Dr. Young will be able to tell you which ones are appropriate for you and determine the step-by-step process necessary to achieve the best finished result.

Composite Bonding

For a tooth that is irreversibly stained or discolored, chipped, cracked or misshaped, our dentists can remold your tooth with composite bonding. This procedure uses the same composite resin material needed to repair a cavity with a tooth-colored filling. In the case of composite bonding, however, the material is skillfully applied to give the tooth an appearance that is more natural and attractive.

Porcelain Veneers

If you have teeth that are severely damaged, the best option may be to conceal them behind porcelain veneers. Often called dental veneers or just veneers, too, these cosmetic wonders are made of dental porcelain or ceramic. They are microthin shells that Dr. Young favors—adhesively bond to the facial side of teeth in your smile zone to upgrade your teeth from imperfect to perfect.

Teeth Whitening

To put the finishing touch on your smile makeover, there is teeth whitening. Our Allentown dental practice uses an at-home teeth whitening system that includes custom-fitted trays and professional grade whitening gel. Your teeth will whiten gradually and effectively with less risk of tooth sensitivity.

Don't put off having the smile that makes you happy. Call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Young to learn more about a smile makeover. Your Allentown dentist will be glad to serve you and your family’s dental needs!