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September 2, 2017

Your Dentist Shares Secrets About Sparkling Water Here!

woman drinking water smilingWith the holidays approaching, many people will try to cut their calories in preparation for the tasty meals that are around the corner. That means drinking more water and less soda.

Some may have thought they found a loophole when it came to water consumption and soda fasting—sparkling water. Unfortunately, sparkling water is bad for your health as well—especially your oral health. Your dentist is here to explain how bubbly drinks are actually harming your teeth.

Cut Calories and Cripple Your Smile

With no sugar or any other ingredients, how could sparkling water be bad for your health? The reality is that the bubbly effect that carbon dioxide creates has a chemical reaction in your mouth. Every time you take a drink, this is what happens:

  • Carbon dioxide turns into carbonic acid  (this is what gives your drink that fun bubbly feeling).
  • The acid formed can erode your tooth enamel.
  • Your teeth can become susceptible to greater dental problems because the protective layer of your teeth are being dissolved by acid.
  • Do you sip your sparkling water throughout the day? Hopefully, you don’t add a lime or lemon to it—that’s even more acid!

What are some of your better alternatives?

Drink Sparkling Water Sparingly

When you compare soda or some juices to sparkling water, of course they’ll be less healthy. They’re full of sugar! But the bottom line is that when you add carbon dioxide to your water, it is still more harmful to your mouth than plain water. Basically, water is the best substance that you can have at any given time—whether you’re on a diet or not. It helps keep your teeth clean, mouth hydrated, and it’s calorie free!

Still need proof? It’s clearly shown on any pH scale. Simply put, the lower the number, the more acidic (worse) it is for you and your teeth. Pure water has a pH level of 7 compared to sparkling water with a pH level of 5-7. In comparison to sodas with a pH level of as low as 2, you’re making smarter decisions with sparkling water and regular water. But, it’s always best to just stick with plain water to protect your teeth.

Don’t Cut Corners! Drink Water.

Although it can be difficult to avoid sodas, juices, and even sparkling water in your day to day life, it’s best to go all natural when it comes to taking care of your health. We could go into a whole different post about how water is great for your mouth and overall body, but we’ll save that for another day!

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