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November 19, 2018

Max Your Dental Insurance with an In-Network Dentist in Allentown

woman sitting in dentist chair As the year comes to an end, you’re probably busy preparing for the holiday season and wrapping up any unfinished business. Your in-network dentist in Allentown says that in the midst of taking care of these responsibilities, don’t forget about your oral health. Have you maximized your dental insurance? If not, then there’s something you should do before January 1st!

The Real Value of Dental Insurance

When you think of dental insurance, you may consider it as a means to respond to dental health issues like toothaches, cavities and broken teeth. While it definitely provides restorative benefits, the true value of dental insurance comes from its preventative features.

Better yet, insurance companies applaud the maintenance approach to dental wellness more so than the corrective mindset, which is demonstrated in the following breakdown of coverage:

  • Preventive Care – At a preventive care visit, you will usually have X-Ray photos taken, and you’ll also receive a cleaning and examination. Your dental insurance will usually cover 90-100% of the costs.
  • Basic Care – For standard restorative procedures like root canals and cavity fillings, your out-of-pocket costs will usually range from 20-30%.
  • Major Care – If you have a tooth dislodged or need a crown replacement, it is considered to be major care, and your contribution can be as much as 50% of the overall cost.

The overall theme is obvious here – the greater cost-savings come with maintaining preventive care visits.

The Long-Term Benefits of Preventive Care

You should visit your dentist every six months to receive a cleaning, check-up and X-Rays. Along with saving you money, attending preventive care visits increase the likelihood that you’ll maintain all your teeth, won’t have to endure painful decay, and it has a positive impact on your overall health.

That’s because your mouth is the window into the rest of your body’s wellness. So when you maintain excellent oral health, you can better prevent issues like heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and several different forms of cancer.

Dental Insurance – Use It or Lose It!

A final perk of taking advantage of semi-annual visits to your dentist is that it allows you to get more from your dental insurance. For most carriers, at the start of the year, your benefits will renew. That means the current coverage you’ve paid monthly premiums to maintain will be lost, which amounts to money wasted.

One way to offset that is to reach out to your family dentist in Allentown to schedule a visit today. Thus, you’ll know what the status of your oral health is, and you’ll enjoy a healthier and cleaner mouth, teeth and gums!

About the Author

Dr. Bradford G. Young is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Dental School. He then went on the complete his general practice residency in the Lehigh Health Network. For nearly two decades, Dr. Young has provided patients with the best in dental care, and throughout his career, he’s placed an emphasis on prevention. He practices at Bradford Young Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, and he can be reached for more information through his website.

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